Intensive Training: Management of Complex Trauma Presentations (PTSD, C-PTSD and BPD)

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Intensive Training: Management of Complex Trauma Presentations (PTSD, C-PTSD and BPD)


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Upcoming dates:

Cape Town: 13 - 14 November 2019

Johannesburg: 20- 21 November 2019

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Workshop information:

The South African DBT Institute is proud to announce a 6 month intensive training course with Peter King PhD in Cape Town and Johannesburg from November 2019! This 5 Day Intensive course is now open to applicants with a background in counseling, psychology, social work, mental health nursing, occupational therapy and psychotherapy.

The course is run over three workshop blocks, run over a 6 month period, reviewing both traditional and alternative theories of PTSD, CPTSD & BPD including (but not limited to) those developed by: Babette Rothschild (developer of Somatic Trauma Therapy); Marsha Linehan (developer of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy); Bessel van der Kolk, Judith Herman, M.D. at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA; the Bodynamic Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark; and Peter Levine, Ph.D., Ergos Institute, Boulder, Colorado, USA.


FAQ and Payment details:

1. Is the price for the intensive trauma training for all 5 days or just November?

The price is for all 5 days across 6 months. Ridiculous, we know.

2. Do I have to attend the Foundations and Using DBT with Adolescents workshops if I want to join the Trauma Intensive training?

Only Foundations is a requirement (to make sure we're on the same page). The Foundations training is available at R500 if you attend the Intensive training.

3. What are the payment plans available for the Intensive training?

Based on early bird price (ends 30 September)

Option 1: Pay in full
Option 2: Pay R1000 (early bird) per month for 6 months with the last payment a month before the end of the final training
Option 3: Pay R2000 (early bird) for 3 months

About the Presenter: Dr. Peter King

Dr. Peter King is an experienced educator and clinician with over 20 years of experiences in various mental health settings throughout Australia, Thailand, the UK and South Africa. Dr. King has consolidated this experience both in Australia and the USA through mentoring with Marsha Linehan’s company Behavioral Tech LLC and with the creator of Somatic Trauma Therapy – Babette Rothschild. Dr. King has also lead clinical research and has completed a Ph.D. which sought to identify Effective Therapeutic Interventions for Individuals with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. Dr. King is a popular educator who delivers Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Stabilisation Based Therapy (SBT) workshops in Australia, Thailand, Singapore and South Africa.