Comprehensive Training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

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Comprehensive Training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)


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Thank you for considering our 12-month comprehensive DBT program. Please ensure that you have applied for acceptance onto the program prior to registering and paying for this course.

This program was developed for mental health professionals looking to implement a range of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) strategies in their current practice as individual or in a team.


Included in the South African DBT Institute’s 12-month program:




Block 1: Foundations and Skills Training (2 days)

Day 1 focuses on the core components of DBT, it’s theoretical underpinnings and the most current research. The teaching style is collaborative which allows for practitioners at various levels of expertise to engage.

Day 2 introduces the DBT skills by practically exploring different methods of teaching core mindfulness skills, distress tolerance skills, emotional regulations skills and interpersonal effectiveness skills.


Block 2: Practice Essentials (2 days)

Day 1 focuses on case formulation using DBT by exploring the 4 stages and targets in DBT, intervention strategies and the integration of the standard DBT components of skills training, phone coaching, consult groups and individual therapy into your practice.

Day 2 introduces the assessment and management of suicide risk in practice, including crisis management plans and protocols. The last part of day 2 will be spent on adaptations of DBT to different contexts, e.g. inpatients. 



Day 1 focuses on the steps in starting a standard DBT program. This includes the differences in running adult and adolescent program, the role of the referring person, phone coaching, scheduling, costs and billing.

Day 2 introduces the consult group as “therapy for the therapist” and time is spent towards the ensuring you have an program implementation strategy.

In phase 2 four contact sessions is scheduled with you and your team to assess if your implementation is on track and if any coaching is required.



Focuses on the review of participants implementation of DBT in their practice. Participants present their programs or a case presentation of a client using DBT. The attendance of workshops along with the practice can lead to credentialing through The South African DBT Institute.



  • Participants for the comprehensive training will be accepted from registered Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Occupational Therapists and General Practitioners.
  • At present, the only accepted alternative training to level 1 of the South African DBT Institute is Marsha Linehan’s Behavioral Tech training or the Australian DBT Institute’s Foundations training.



Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban



Workshop 1 (2 days): 5 – 6 May 2020

Workshop 2 (2 days): August 2020

Workshop 3 (2 days): November 2020

Workshop 4 (2 days): May 2021



  • Monthly payment arrangements can be made.
  • Space is limited a non-refundable deposit of R2000 required to book your place.
  • If you have attended our Foundations workshop, you are eligible for a discount of the amount you paid for that workshop.