DBT Adolescent and Family Program


We offer a 16 week program adjusted to the developmental needs of adolescents and their families. The program consists of 5 modules:

The adolescent and family program is designed to treat the comprehensive needs of both the adolescent and their family. The program consists of:

  • Weekly individual therapy sessions for the adolescent
  • Weekly 90-minute adolescent skills training group
  • A monthly 90-minute parent skills group  (these meet at the same time as the teen groups and it is required that at least 1 parent attend).
  • As-needed phone coaching for managing crisis outside of the therapy session
  • Monthly family check-ins to discuss treatment progress

Who should attend?

The program is open to teens (ages 13-18). As family participation is mandatory, we ask that at at least one of the teen’s primary care providers be willing to participate in their teen’s treatment, as participation of both of the client and the family is required.


What is the registration process and when do we start?

We are starting the group with 5 adolescents on a first come first served basis. The following is the process to book your spot:

  1. Ask you therapist to complete the online referral form or download the electronic version DBT referral form and send it to info@dbtinstitute.co.za.
  2. Your therapist will be contacted by one of the facilitators to arrange a convenient time for a 5 minute conversation.
  3. Book an appointment for an assessment interview with one of our therapist.
  4. You will be allocated to a DBT group and be informed of the starting date.