Adult DBT Program

Take back control of your emotions.
take back control of your relationships.
take back control of your life.

The time is now.


Our 24-Week Adult DBT treatment follows an evidence-based method in treating difficulties:

  • managing emotions such as anger and depression,
  • impulsive behaviour such as causing physical or emotional harm to yourself or other people because you “weren’t thinking”,
  • chronic distress and suicidal thinking because of anxiety and
  • subsequent relationship challenges.

The Adult DBT Program consists of 4 modules:

1. Mindfulness: Being aware of the present moment without judgement

2. Distress Tolerance: Getting through crisis situations without making things worse and accepting reality for what it is

3. Emotional Regulation: Understanding and reducing vulnerability to unwanted emotions

4. Interpersonal Effectiveness: Getting interpersonal objectives met, maintaining relationships and increasing self-respect

Standard DBT includes:

  • Weekly 2 hour skills training group
  • Weekly individual therapy (at an additional cost)
  • Phone coaching (as required)

For a detailed description of the program you are welcome to email us at