How we pay

Money circulation is the most pleasant gyre in nature. Hence, we won’t spoil your pleasure: the payment system works fast and smoothly, and you get your money for sure.
In your writer’s profile, there is a section called Payment Info. There, you can select a payment option you find most convenient among the following:
1) Two payment releases per month. Payment occurs twice, usually on 10th and 25th day of every month. On these days, the writer gets the costs in the following way:
• On 10th of a given month, say, June – for the orders completed in up to the end of the previous month, say, May
• On the 25th of the given month, say, June – for the orders completed up to the 15th of the current month, say, the 15th of June
2) One pay day per month (on the date set up by a writer).
3) Save economize payment period: if this job is your side income and you would like your money to be accumulated up to a certain date/amount, you can opt for this way of payment. This way, you can save on the commission charged by your bank. When you would like the deposit to end, just choose any one of the two remaining payment options in your profile.

Transfer Procedures

You can request the disbursal of your payment in the 4 ways described below:
1. Payoneer:
• Local Bank Transfer/ACH – you receive your payment in the local bank in your local currency; the minimal amount of payment is $50
• Prepaid Master Card – you get Payoneer cards shipped to your address; the minimal sum of such transaction is $20
2. Paypal – the minimal amount of money is $10.
3. Payza – the minimal sum is $10.
4. Wire Transfer – is used for the payments over $400 (otherwise, you lose at least $45 on our bank’s fees)

Payment refusal

Unfortunately, there are cases in which we cannot compensate your efforts. Please read attentively to prevent the following occasions:
1) The paper done poorly or in a way that is not relevant to the instructions usually needs to be revised. If the writer refuses to make the revision, the payment gets cancelled. The same thing may occur when the order is submitted too late.
2) In rare cases, customers cancel the payment for the reasons that are not related to the level of content. To prevent at least some of such instances, writers need to respond firmly and communicate in a polite manner.
3) The quality assurance department may fine a writer for grammatical errors or poor quality of write my paper. The fines are also imposed on those who use Turnitin for plagiarism checks, as such checks result in the customers’ fails on the subsequent plagiarism checks.

Transparent payment for clear writing

Now that you’ve read the most important information regarding our payment system, the procedures should be of no difficulty. However, we are glad to answer any other payment-related questions. Please feel free to address them here.